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Grow your business to new heights with our professionally-developed e-commerce website. We deliver responsive and custom online stores to turn your window shoppers into potential buyers.

Implying Innovation In Shopping Experience

O2 Media Group is proud to be providing leading e-commerce business solutions. We believe that keeping a view of the latest trends is vital to providing the audience with what they want to see. Our aim is to make online shopping easier, fun, and engaging for your customers. With increasing reliance on technology and working from home, people prefer shopping from their drawing rooms and getting delivery on their doorsteps. According to research, 90% of US internet users have purchased at least one item online. No wonder why e-commerce business is increasing so rapidly these days. With so much competition, we expect your need to stand out from the crowd with your brand’s unique appeal. That’s what we promise by delivering unique spaces for all B2B, B2C, and Online Marketplaces.

We Develop User-Optimized Web Solutions To Venture Business Objectives

Working process

Four Steps To Increased Sales


We undergo market research and business analysis to develop a plan of action, keeping your needs and specifications in mind throughout the process.


Our experts consider your required design elements and craft a prototype website with an attractive color scheme and design.


Putting the latest front-end and back-end strategies helps us formulate a creative yet responsive website to meet the brand objectives.


Our revenue-focused SEO approaches help ensure enhanced website visibility. Our team also works to maintain your site’s functionality.


Before we start designing your e-commerce store, our team performs thorough research on market trends, competitor strategies, and customer needs.


Our qualified developers keep your objectives in mind and start building your web store with custom development strategies and design elements at hand.

Payment Gateways

We will be adding payment gateways to make transactions secure and easier for customers to go through shipping setup, and checkout process.

User Interface

Our designers adopt the latest UI and UX techniques to make the site visually appealing. In the end, you will find an easy-to-operate and responsive website.

Distinct E-Commerce Solutions

O2 Media provides a full-suite solution for e-commerce websites. Our developers know what the latest market trends that attract the audience are. We also keep all the latest SEO, web designing, and development strategies in mind to bring the maximum audience to your website. Once the buyer is in your store, the design and appearance will push him to make a purchase. Customers like what’s easy to buy. Most leave the product and look to buy it from other websites due to high loading time or confusing design. Leave that fuss to our designers. They will imply high-quality design elements and responsive development strategies to make your e-store run smoothly. If you have your unique design ideas, you can call for custom store formation. We also offer 24/7 support and maintenance for your website so that it keeps running after all the odds.

Let Us Boost Your Products' Demand With A Customer-Centric E-Store

Our E-Commerce Flexible Pricing Plans

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Frequently Asked Question

An e-commerce developer creates, manages, and maintains an online commerce store for your business. He will carry out all the necessary development and design tasks to launch your store without bugs and fixes. The paramount quality that makes an eCommerce developer successful is his ability to create user-friendly elements and operations for the website. These services further include the following responsibilities: 

  •  Designing product pages with attractive layouts and color schemes  
  • Integrating payment systems and making them secure 
  • Make your store functional, responsive, and easy to operate for all the customers worldwide
  • Adopt the latest optimization strategies to make the store more visible to buyers

No matter what kind of website you own, you need SEO services to make it more visible, get clients, and generate results. They help you rank higher on Google and other search engines. This way, your services, and products will be more visible to potential buyers. 

Ignoring SEO meanwhile you get the development of your e-commerce store will hinder its growth and lower its performance compared to the competition. That’s why all professional e-commerce development companies like Grey Media always keep the latest optimization capabilities in mind while constructing your website. Thus, SEO is integral to website development, whether e-commerce or not. 

First things first, developing a list of your eCommerce website needs depends upon many factors like your business goals, budget, and model type. All these characteristics will depend upon customer needs and audience preferences. However, if you ask us, a quality e-commerce website needs the following features: 

  • Responsive design
  • In-depth
  • Development strategies 
  • Latest SEO capabilities
  • Multi-channel operations 
  • Payment gateways and security 
  • Product filtering
  • Attractive layout, color grading, and design elements 

If your developer is taking care of all these things, your website will be accurate and customer-centric. 

For an e-store development, making it scalable with the business is an essential task to do. Suppose your business grows in the future due to increased sales or you want to expand its domain to other services. In that case, you will need to add things or make changes to your site. If your store is already scalable, it will be easy for you to adjust things accordingly. Grey Media keeps your needs in mind and always designs highly-scalable and futuristic websites so you can easily make possible changes in the near future if you have a change of mind. This way, you can always ask for the latest changes in your website’s functioning. 

E-stores require online payments and transactions. This is where scams and third-party payment issues prevail. As the internet is full of hacking possibilities, keeping your store secure is essential not only for your brand but also for the buyers. Involving third-party verification features can result in inconsistent money issues and lagging payment options.

The best way to save yourself from all these troubles is by installing payment gateways while your e-commerce website is under development. Grey Media understands your concern and promises high-quality payment gateways in our e-commerce development process so that you can have high security and the freedom to verify payment methods yourself. 


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