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Harness the Power of the Digital World with Email Marketing

In the vast landscape of the digital realm, effective communication is key to staying connected with customers and standing out in the crowd. Instead of thriving on conventional paths, our team paves novel paths of success to lead your business towards exemplary success with a wider audience’s support by your side. 

We do not make assumptions. Our holistic campaigns are strengthened with data-driven insights to optimize and transform brands’ performance over time. With captivating subject lines and engaging content, we deliver your brand’s goal to the inbox of potential customers. The personalized touch of creativity keeps your subscribers eagerly awaiting for your next email. 

Procure Customer Expansion through an Email Campaign

A powerful campaign furbished with captivating content potentially fuels your narrative. Our creative team discreetly crafts appealing content which effectively results in customer conversion and generates leads.

We instill a nexus of creativity and a harmony of captivating offers into an email to substantially amplify gainful click-through rates. Do not miss the opportunity to optimize your campaign. Unleash the potential of email marketing to watch your business takes one step ahead with every email. 

Accelerate Traffic On Your Website with Time Saving Analytics of Our Email Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is email marketing still effective?

It is one of the most advanced and effective ways of communicating your business. Email marketing offers the opportunity to market your product or services in the customer’s inbox. It means, even if they do not open the email, the brand’s name will go through their eyes. 

Why should I promote my business through email marketing?

The benefits of email marketing are beyond consideration. In this competitive digital world, it is hard to make a good place without practicing email marketing. This technique increases loyal customers, drives more traffic, allows the possibility to analyze customer data and pays off your time and money. 

How do you increase open email rate?

When you develop a friendly and convincing tone, people are more likely to act upon. Following this principle, we place an effective and impactful call to action in your email marketing. Moreover, we combine CTA with a compelling tagline to make the reader go through your message.

How long should an email be?

According to a survey, people do not spend more than 20 seconds reading an email. Therefore, we write compelling, informative and precise emails with engaging visual aesthetics. If it needs to be prolonged, we add up important points in the form of bullets and CTA so the reader does not get bored.

How do you measure the success of email marketing?

In email marketing, there are three main determinants of success. It includes delivery rates, click through rates and open rates. These metrics guide if the audience is opening email and if opening how much are clicking to navigate the website. Through these metrics we develop the future strategy of email marketing. 

Are you well-aware of email marketing laws?

We draft the campaigns while considering the law of commercial emails known as CAN-SPAM. This law restricts any commercial email marketing company to include an unsubscribe link in each email. Moreover, we ensure to add physical address to follow all rules and avoid legal issues.

How often do you send emails to customers?

The frequency varies from campaign to campaign, but the average optimal frequency to contact your customers is three to four times a month. One email a month is enough to keep your customer informed. However, we change the frequency according to business’s requirement while keeping a check on click through rate to make a campaign successful. 

Why should I outsource my email marketing task to you?

At O2 Media, we aim to expand your reach through email marketing. All you need to do is contact us and share your target location, target audience and some business information. We will brainstorm, strategize and come up with effective marketing plans. 

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