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Leave all your design needs to us to build a better platform for your brand. While you stay focused on your business, we will stay focused on making an attractive web space for you.

Strategic Design That Defines Your Story

Website is the home to your ideas and vision. It puts forward the best parts about your brand and presents it in the form of attractive elements. O2 Media designs your website such that it stands out from the competition and keeps your customer hooked. Whether you own an e-commerce business or a service-based one, our designers can incorporate interactive graphics to light up your ideas. Speaking of graphics, do you know that 95% of the users take your brand’s impression from your website’s design? Well, now you know what to focus on. So, when you decide to spend money on your website, ensure it is engaging, optimized, and secured. O2 Media not only designs your website to make it attractive but also optimizes it with the best digital marketing strategies and enhances its visibility. The factors we adopt include graphic designing, SEO, and copywriting, to name a few.

We Develop User-Optimized Web Solutions To Venture Business Objectives

Working process

How We Design Your Website


We undergo market research and business analysis to develop a plan of action, keeping your needs and specifications in mind throughout the process.


Our experts consider your required design elements and craft a prototype website with an attractive color scheme and design.


Putting the latest front-end and back-end strategies helps us formulate a creative yet responsive website to meet the brand objectives.


Our revenue-focused SEO approaches help ensure enhanced website visibility. Our team also works to maintain your site’s functionality.

Logo Branding

First, our talented designers impart your brand with a customized, aesthetic logo that suits your vision and redefines your brand identity.

Wire Frames

Next, our developers unfold a sketch of your website mockups and arrange structural components, ensuring they connect to give a pleasant layout.

Layout Designing

After the blueprint development, our experts use the latest smart tools and techniques to create high-quality visual elements, vectors, and graphics.

Design Slicing

Ultimately, we extract your site’s graphical elements into high-quality images. This helps in optimizing the speed and traffic on your website.

End-To-End Design Solutions

At O2 Media, we believe that a website is more than just some text and a few random images. Instead, it should represent your ideas in every section. Therefore, we take pride in delivering end-to-end website design solutions. Our designers keep all the vital factors in mind and apply powerful layout techniques to make your website shine.

Whenever you go to a designer, you only expect him to add attractive images to your website. If you ask us, your business deserves way more than just that. That’s what we care about at O2 Media, providing full-scale design services for your brand.

You can also expect custom mockup generation, e-commerce store design, remodeling of your previous website graphics, and of course, an aesthetically amusing web layout from our website design services.

We Build An Engaging Website Layout To
Outline Your
Brand Ideas.

Our Web Design Flexible Pricing Plans

If you think that ‘blog’ is just another fancy word that content marketers use to earn some extra bucks, then you are missing out on a big-time bonus point. The blog is not just a mass of content you create to pile up already overflowing digital clutter.


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Frequently Asked Question

After you get your hands on your purchases site, you need to have a clear view of the objectives and goals of your company and its website. This step is crucial to designing a precise website that will define your brand’s strengths and what makes it stand out from the others.

Once you hand over a clear set of instructions, objectives, and expectations to the designing firm, they will formulate a plan of action. After that, the qualified designers will create a high-quality brand logo, wireframes, and graphical elements for your website. Lastly, an attractive design scheme is crucial to add a final touch, and your website will be ready to go live.

O2 Media uses modern design techniques and tools to ensure this process is smooth and yields an eccentric website. Our quality control team audits any errors in the design and development process to ensure flawless execution.

Optimizing your website is essential to make it more visible to your customers. People usually buy from popular websites that appear on top of search results. An in-optimized website will have very low visibility, and less audience will reach it.

Once you have developed and designed your website from a professional design firm, ensure you keep it updated with the latest trends too. Although a website can run without speed and ranking optimization, it will do no good unless you get traffic from it. People won’t reach your services or products, which will affect your revenue and market value eventually.

Keeping your website updated is essential to keep up with this fast-pacing world. However, how often you should update it depends upon its features and sections. For instance, you can rewrite the text regularly as per new ideas. If you have a blog posts section on your website, it allows you to add new content with time to keep up with the trending topics.

Similarly, for design elements and images, you can update them frequently with the modern needs of the customers. For example, suppose you are selling clothes and the data on your current site targets the “style” factor. Now, your audiences’ needs are changed, and they prefer comfort over style. Thus, you can update the content and the images that target the need for “comfort.”

Apart from these, it is known that updating a website periodically is essential for its security and functionality. Another vital factor is keeping up with search engine compliance. It may require changing website features to keep ranking.

Time required to design a full website depends upon several factors like website structure, depth, and length of the project. Apart from these factors, the number of pages, client objectives, and custom graphics formation are some key influencers. However, as a rough estimate, a website design can take anywhere between 20-60 days.

A custom website design with tailor-made graphics and images may take more time than the average. Similarly, it may take only a couple of weeks if your needs and visions are clearly communicated with the company. At Grey Media, we design websites from within a few days to a couple of months, depending upon what you need.

Yes, you can always use your previous website’s images, graphics, and content if you find it relevant. You can also bring your own images or data you need to show on your website. It can be your picture, office building, or product images.  

However, there are some limitations to it. The images and graphics must be high quality, optimized, and their copyrights must belong to you.

Note that using already developed pictures and graphics can reduce the turnaround time for a website design. It means if your website typically takes 30 days to complete, using some pictures from your previous site will cut the time spent making them. This way, your website may be completed in 20 days. 


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